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WBT Programmer's Dev Kit (NDA)

This forum has the WBT developer's kit history and current versions.  Information presented here is QRC Intellectual Property covered by a Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement

Forum Rules

Please be respectful to other users in your discussions, questions, as well as any responses that you post.  A new topic is created for each release of the Programmer's Development Kit by QRC (other users can not make new topics in this forum).    

Questions and Answers in this section are visible only to those members who have a signed NDA with QRC and are authorized to download the Programmer's Development Kit.  Any material posted becomes immediate property of QRC Inc, and is covered by the terms of the NDA that you (or your organization) has signed as if it were QRC IP.  

Other users (and companies) may see your post, so please disclose only things you are comfortable releasing to others.  Information you wish shared only with QRC should use a private support forum (Contact us if your company would like one). 

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