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This forum is for asking and answering questions about the company, products, or other questions which may be of interest. 

Rules for Using this Forum

Please be respectful to other users in your discussions, questions, as well as any responses that you post.  A new topic should be created whenever a question or comment has a different root thought.  In general, please limit your thought to one main topic, and use multiple topics for multiple questions or discussion points.    

QRC encourages the use of this forum system in the belief that if one person asks a question, many others also have that question and can benefit from the answer.  Questions and discussion material may be from the most basic to extremely detailed or complex, as the specific needs of user can vary.  All levels of content will be accepted from beginning to super-user without bias.  Flaming will not be tolerated and may result in privileges being revoked on this service.

In general, QRC will use this content to reinforce other materials the company creates.  This forum system is a moderated system owned by QRC Inc, d/b/a QRC Technologies and QRC may move/copy any question or answer to another section of this forum system, to break apart posts into multiple topics, to merge topics into a single topic, and to filter/modify and edit any material on this site without notice.   Any question, and corresponding answer(s), become the sole property of QRC and by posting your question and/or contributing to an answer you transfer all rights to use to QRC, Inc.    

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