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    Overview: Im interested in developing a simple app which i can click on a signal and listen to it. I do not see HW support for that (i.e. an headphones jack...) Do you have a solution?
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    I believe that this question can be best answered by our page on the WBT's Sensitivity- http://www.qrctech.com/articles.asp?id=268
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    WBT apps are limited to 30% processor usage and 500 megabytes of ram. Exceeding these limits will cause the app to be terminated.
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    First, a disclaimer: There is no standard definition for sensitivity. Generally speaking, sensitivity is the minimum signal level (Smin) that produces an output with a specified signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The term minimum detectable signal (MDS) is often used for Smin but is different because "detect" can mean "strong enough to demodulate" or strong enough to rise N dB above the noise floor so the measurement results will vary with modulation type. And, since the noise floor depends on the selected bandwidth, sensitivity does, too. The MDS for the WBT is about -130 dBm with BW = 781 kHz on the standard (RX/TX) input.