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  1. admin

    Frequency Chart

    Thank you for your interest. The one we have posted is the latest version we have. If an update it created, we will post it to the same place. Are there specific bands or protocols you're more interested in than others?
  2. admin


    In general, the tools in the Signal Analysis Toolkit, including this one, are used to process Qvrt filed collected by a QRC Wide Band Transcorder (WBT). Any file you record can be viewed in this tool. Do you have acess to a WBT to make a file on?
  3. admin

    GRC - OOT Modules, cannot find module

    Question answer was in the edit by poster, thank you poster for adding the answer you determined. I will be adding points to your reputation for this (and the other questions where you've done this!)
  4. Question is answered in the edit
  5. admin

    Data access

    Update (1/14/2016): There has been a lot of progress made in this area. Attached is Getting Files From a WBT.pdf, which is an except from the WBT manual which gives step by step details on the steps above Chris mentions. As of this update, step #4 is now available in the product, and is discussed in section 4.10 where the "File Manager" is discussed. These different methods are all valid, which one is best for you will likely depend on how you wish to get access to the data. These methods also work for files that are created by Apps such as Export or Spectrum Sweeper, and many others as ways to get the data the app(s) create and put on the data disks. Getting Files From a WBT.pdf
  6. admin

    Tune and Dwell App Bug

    The Trip Wire app may be what you're looking for, see https://www.qrctech.com/Tripwire-p/q5500-022.htm if you're interested in checking it out.
  7. admin

    QVRT File Format

    The QVRT file format itself is covered by NDA and is part of the Programmer's Development Kit. If you have a NDA with QRC please let us know by contacting your point of contact and we can give you access to that part of the forum where you'll find this type of information. This topic: http://forum.qrctech.com/topic/14-how-can-i-get-the-wbt-developers-kit/ has details on this, how to request a Developer's Kit as a point of reference.
  8. admin

    Bug Reporting for Apps

    This forum is a great place to send bug reports, which will then be entered into our internal databases and addressed. Preferred method would be to find or create a topic with the App name, and put bugs into that topic (as well as feature request, and other thoughts). If an app starts to get a "life of its own", we'll open a topic on that app specifically. The "discussion" forum may be easier than this (the Q&A part of the forum) if its anticipated to be a back and forth discussion. However, use whatever you're most comfortable with and we (The moderators) will sort it out and organize as needed.
  9. Due to a small issue in power accuracy, the Spectrum Analyzer app has been taken down pending an update (in about a week). If you have a critical need before this app is posted, please contact us here and we'll get you an alpha copy to look at along with the known issues the alpha is having.
  10. admin

    Unable to Deploy Sample App

    ​The WPK is put into the /home/wbt directly, however it is not installed once put there. So, the problem appears to be in the firmware (I'm running WBT v2.3.3.25)
  11. admin

    Unable to Deploy Sample App

    I followed these steps, and I do no longer get the error. However, the app is also not pushed to the unit and updated. What does work (which is not automatic deployment) is to go into the directory of my wpk and: scp [App Name] wbt@[Ip Address]:/home/wbt to move it into the WBT through the network, then I can ssh into the wbt and get it to take using the following: ssh wbt@[Ip Address] <enter password: wbt> tar -xvzf [App Name] After this, I do have the new wpk running on the system. So, this works but isn't Remote Deployment through the IDE.
  12. I am using the Sample App, and attempting to deploy it to a WBT connected to my network. I followed the instructions on a clean Virtual Machine, including the sshpass steps, and get the following output (below). I am uncertain what Error code 6 is, so I do not know what to change. 10:18:13: Running steps for project WBTAPISampleApp... 10:18:13: Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step. 10:18:13: Starting: "/usr/bin/make" -w make: Entering directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release' cd SampleAppGUI/ && /usr/bin/make -f Makefile make[1]: Entering directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/SampleAppGUI' make[1]: Nothing to be done for `first'. make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/SampleAppGUI' cd SampleAppService/ && /usr/bin/make -f Makefile make[1]: Entering directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/SampleAppService' make[1]: Nothing to be done for `first'. make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/SampleAppService' cd SampleAppGUI/ && /usr/bin/make -f Makefile first make[1]: Entering directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/SampleAppGUI' make[1]: Nothing to be done for `first'. make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/SampleAppGUI' cd SampleAppService/ && /usr/bin/make -f Makefile first make[1]: Entering directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/SampleAppService' make[1]: Nothing to be done for `first'. make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/SampleAppService' WbtAppPackerBackend '-cgui,SampleAppGUI/libSampleAppGUI.gui.wbt.so.1.0.0' '-cservice,SampleAppService/SampleAppService.wbt' '-nApp Name' '-dApp Description' '-v0.0.0.1' '--author-name=QRC Tech' '-u5e955bf8-d7c4-4774-9874-b545258707f3' '--author-url=http://www.qrctech.com' Warning: App Brief Description is missing Warning: Icon path is missing MakeMD5 Output 8aeccd5fe3d719faca7440e0a2e2ab7b MakeMD5 Output 0d5fb3c8ac908c15c44b61d6370db766 make: Leaving directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release' 10:18:13: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited normally. 10:18:13: Starting: "/usr/bin/make" wbtdeploy -w make: Entering directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release' sshpass -p wbt scp /home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release/App_Name.wpk wbt@$(sed -n 's/^\s*wbt_ip\s*=\s*\(.*\)\s*$/\1/p' /home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp/WBTAPISampleApp.pro):/home/wbt make: Leaving directory `/home/wbtdev/WBTApps/WBTAPISampleApp-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4__Qt-4_7_4__Release' make: *** [wbtdeploy] Error 6 10:18:13: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited with code 2. Error while building/deploying project WBTAPISampleApp (target: Desktop) When executing step 'Make'
  13. admin

    How can I get the WBT Developers Kit

    As a follow up, once you have signed the NDA and are approved access, you will need an account on this forum system which will be provided access to the WBT Programmer's Dev Kit forum where all the information you need can be downloaded.
  14. www.QrcTech.com is our main website, here you will find News & Events, Product Information, Tech Notes, contact information, as well as the WBT App store. If you're a current QRC customer and looking for ICS and Android product line Software Updates, or if you're a Re-seller and looking for the QRC Partner Portal, these will be found on support.qrctech.com. Please Note: At this time in order to access support.qrctech.com you must navagaite through www.QrcTech.com forum.qrctech.com is a place where you can ask questions about our products and get them answered by both developer and end user.