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  1. Steve H

    Use of QVRT streams in GRC (gr-osmosdr)

    I don't think compiling and installing this on an armhf system would work. The WBT API uses the shared memory of the WBT system. The WBT API is separate from the GNURadio osmocom source block I provided. Were you planning on using the FPGA to process raw I/Q samples?
  2. Steve H

    gr-osmocom adding a new block under WBT

    Yes, I have an updated version of the gr-osmosdr 'Source' block that can playback IQ data from QVRT files, as well as a 'Sink' block that can save data to a QVRT file. The next step in this is to get live TX working correctly. Currently, TX is a 2-step process, recording to a QVRT file, then selecting the file and playing it back. I've tested it by setting up an FM transmitter and transcoding WAV and MP3 files.
  3. Steve H

    gr-osmocom adding a new block under WBT

    I'd like to see any code you can share, I'm still working on a few more fixes and additional features for the WBT modifications in the gr-osmocom project. What you described above is pretty much what I did as well. Make sure that you edit the device.cc and source_impl.cc files correctly to correctly instantiate any new blocks.
  4. Steve H

    gr-osmocom adding a new block under WBT

    WBT has already be added to the gr-osmosdr project. So far, it supports the 'Source' functionality for tuners A/B. Are you trying to add additional functionality?
  5. Steve H

    Use of QVRT streams in GRC (gr-osmosdr)

    Also, as a side note - you should be able to use the gr-osmosdr WBT block in any place that you would normally be able to use a GNURadio block. Deployment of the application becomes more complex as you will have to gather up the dependant GNURadio shared object libraries for bundling in the wpk.
  6. Steve H

    Use of QVRT streams in GRC (gr-osmosdr)

    So far, the WBT A/B radios can be accessed through wbt=0 and wbt=1 for the source block. The sink block supports the qvrt = 0 and qvrt=1 with the filename parameter set to file=filename to save data directly to a qvrt file. Live TX is still a work in progress. An example parameter string for instantiating a sink saving to a qvrt file would be: qvrt=0,file=/data/testfile.qvrt An example of setting up Tuner A in a Source block would be: wbt=0