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    App Cleanup On Exit

    Thanks, that's a useful reference. What about the case where the app is deactivated by the user via the WBT's App Manager window. Would SIGQUIT, SIGKILL or SIGTERM work for that situation?
  2. Kyle R

    App Cleanup On Exit

    Does a WBT App have a method for being notified when it is being deactivated by the system so that it can close handles, end sweeps, etc?
  3. I am having problems debugging my applications WbtSweeper callbacks remotely in the development environment. I'm able to connect to the WBT remotely, WbtSweeper::sweepStart returns "Sweep_Success" and the target WBT indicates a sweep has started. I never receive callbacks from the sweep. When running the app on the WBT, the sweep callbacks execute correctly. The debug Application Output shows these lines continuously repeating: Looking for Partial.Sweep.Stats.Gen.Source.0 Could not find Partial.Sweep.Stats.Gen.Source.0 This is running API and FW Any gotchas I could potentially be missing? Cheers!
  4. Kyle R

    WbtApi::WbtSweeper Usage

    Perfect! Thanks Joey
  5. Couple of questions regarding the usage of the WbtSweeper API, What determines the duration of a Partial Sweep? A Timeout? A buffer usage? A number of frequencies swept?Is there any API level control over this determination?How is the backing data store managed on a Partial Sweep callback? Is the sweep data removed from the buffer or will it persist to a Sweep Complete callback?The class description mentions a call to WbtSweeper::releaseOldestBuffer to free up space during a continuous sweep, but this does not appear to be exposed via the public API. Is this no longer necessary?Cheers