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  1. Rick C

    WBT power options

    Does anyone have any anecdotal information about how long the WBT can be powered by a 12V lead acid battery? We have no antecdotal information, but we do have some recommendations. Use only deep-cycle or marine sealed batteries, using either gel or AGM technology. Conventional automotive starter batteries are designed for starting motors, not for extended discharge, so avoid them. As an example, this AGM battery from WalMart provides 35 Ah at 12V. The WBT-200 draws about 4.7A at 12V, so just doing the math yields 7.4 hours. However, the battery voltage decreases as it discharges, so we would only get perhaps 80% of that time before under-voltage. This is about 6 hours. Runtime greatly depends on the battery selected. We do not necessarily recommend this particular battery, it is only used as an example. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Universal-Studios-SEALED-LEAD-ACID-BATTERIES-12V-35-AH-UB/32524519 As a note the Product "Q3100-POWER" is available which will run a WBT for about 4 hours off of batteries. Note that the WBT 200 and 210 both have the ability to run while power is swapped for a brief time, so if longer is needed (and you are there) additional batteries can be swapped in to produce a needed run time. Attached is a data sheet for that product should it be of interest. QRC Battery Power Pack 11Sep2015.pdf
  2. One, as in the number, one (1). :-) In mathematics, the range of the sine and cosine functions are known to take on values between [-1, 1]. Their statement is another way to say "a full-scale amplitude sinewave". In the A/D terminology, they are talking about a sinewave with 0 dBFS power. This sine wave is the largest amplitude sinewave that can be accurately represented by the A/Ds. If it were any larger, the A/D would run out of bits and there would be clipping. Thus, the Reference Level is the power level in dBm of a fullscale sinewave of 0 dBFS.
  3. Rick C

    Low Noise Amplifier

    The WBT uses a chain of broadband Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) to minimize noise figure and provide high sensitivity. The LNAs can be internally attenuated via the Rx Attenuation setting, to reduce the sensitivity of the receivers for more powerful signals. The Special Use RF paths have an additional broadband LNA to provide the lowest noise figure, and to receive signals below -120 dBm.