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  1. What is the Reference Level? In the context section of an IF Context Packet there is a value called "Reference Level." The VITA-49 doc says “The unit of measure for the Reference Level field is power, in dBm ..." and "The power value conveyed by the Reference Level field is the AC power of a single sine wave at the Reference Point that results in a digitized sine wave with peak amplitude of one, in the payload of the paired Data Packet Stream.” One what? dBm?
  2. I've noticed when recording with the WBT that when I'm trying to record a narrow signal (CW or low bandwidth) on the center of a tuner the playback quality seems worse. If I move off the center of my signal just 5 kHz I no longer see that problem. Larger signals (like 3.84 MHZ WCDMA) aren't showing any issue even when centered. What's going on?
  3. In the WBT File Format document, section 5.4 IQ Data, it says that "The main IQ data is stored as two, 16 bit numbers per 32-bit word in the Q0-15 format (two’s complement fixed point data format with the radix to the right of bit 15, allowing numbers between -1 and 32767/32768)." This implies the values are integers. The figure associated with the description shows two "data fractional parts." Q: How should the values be interpreted, both numeric values and units (dBm, V2/Hz?)?
  4. question #1: What is the difference between Partial and Full sweeps (pertaining to WbtApi::WbtSweeper::setSweepPartiallCompletionCallback and WbtApi::WbtSweeper::setSweepCompletionCallback question #2: When would i want to use one versus the other?
  5. What are the GPIO, 1PPS, and Ref features and how are they used?
  6. John User

    Configuration options

    Purchase configuration options
  7. John User

    GPS receiver

    Does the WBT have a GPS receiver? If so, how is it used?
  8. John User

    Network interface

    Can the WBT be connected to a network? If so, what interfaces does it have?
  9. John User

    Data access

    How can data be copied from the internal drives?
  10. John User

    Remote operation

    Can the WBT be operated remotely?
  11. John User

    WBT power options

    What are the options for powering the WBT?
  12. John User

    Configuration options

    What are the configuration options?
  13. How much storage does the WBT have and what kind of drives are used?
  14. John User

    Data file format

    What file format is used for the recorded data?
  15. John User


    How often should I re-calibrate my WBT, and how do I do it?