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  1. New WBT User

    Tune and Dwell App Bug

    Yes, Thanks. I am aware of the Level Trigger app and my comment was that it would be a nice feature to combine the functionality of that app with the Tune and Dwell app so that the Tune and Dwell app only records above a certain threshold. It currently records for the entire dwell time.
  2. New WBT User

    Tune and Dwell App Bug

    Thanks for the response. I was mostly trying to test the full functionality of the app since the check box was there for single file. One interesting thing to do with the app would be to combine it with the threshold app, so that it would scan the list of frequencies and only record if it exceeded a defined threshold.
  3. New WBT User


    Does the WBT support channelization?
  4. New WBT User

    WBT Bandwidth

    What is the minimum bandwidth supported by the WBT?
  5. New WBT User

    Spectrum Sweeper App Bug

    There seems to be a bug on the Spectrum Sweeper app. If I try to specify anything other than the default dwell time, I receive an error message stating that I have entered a dwell time that is out of range. The error message does not give a valid range for dwell time. I am running the latest software release.
  6. New WBT User

    Tune and Dwell App Bug

    I've noticed 2 issues on the Tune and Dwell app. I am running the latest software release. 1) I am unable to select single file, only multiple file option seems valid. 2) The record button only records the first entry, creates a file for that entry, then tunes to the next entry and freezes. No subsequent files are created for the other entries and the only way to unfreeze the app is to close it and reopen.
  7. New WBT User

    QVRT File Format

    Can someone provide details on the format of a QVRT file? If I have a non-headered 16-bit complex data file, what would need to be added to make it compatible with the QVRT format?
  8. New WBT User

    Bug Reporting for Apps

    What is the preferred way to report bugs for apps?
  9. New WBT User

    WBT power options

    Does anyone have any anecdotal information about how long the WBT can be powered by a 12V lead acid battery?
  10. On this topic: http://forum.qrctech.com/topic/22-sample-rate/, the effective sample rate was discussed as being a setting distinct from bandwidth beginning in release 2.4 (which is now available). What are the steps to do this using the API? I have release and it looks like the bandwidth is setting the sample rate. (Note: This topic was split into new question and referenced back to the topic listed to facilitate ease of finding by a forum moderator - the user originally posted it as a follow up question to the original topic)