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  1. There are multiple ways to skin the cat... This is what i do... 1. From inside the DEV VM: Create Project, then select WBT App. Finish going through the wizard by fill in all the settings as you wish! 2. Open up the mainwindow.h... and make the following mods: //NOTE: warning: The following line blocks the instantiation of MainWindow //WbtBroadcastMessenger m_messenger; WbtApi::WbtBroadcastMessenger* m_wbtBroadcastMessenger; //ONLY INSTANTIATED if WBT IS ON THE LAN 3. In the same file (mainwindow.h), use the following code (i place mine right under the 'using namespace std;' on LINE#7: //IF : this is a RELEASE build... //THEN : ALLOW m_wbtBroadcastMessenger TO BE instantiate #ifdef QT_NO_DEBUG #define WBT_ON_LAN true #else #define WBT_ON_LAN false #endif 4. In the file mainwindow.cpp, place the following code in your constructor: m_wbtBroadcastMessenger = NULL; if (WBT_ON_LAN) { m_wbtBroadcastMessenger = new WbtApi::WbtBroadcastMessenger; m_wbtBroadcastMessenger->broadcastFilter( "wbtclient", "", "" ); m_wbtBroadcastMessenger->setIncomingMessageCallback( MessageCallback, this ); } 5. Choose a build type (are you running it in the DEV VM?, OR are you running it with WBT resource?) Select DEBUG build if you want to run it in your DEV VM with no WBT resource. Select RELEASE build if you want to build for with a WBT unit. note: build for DEBUG, and it will not block! When your ready to test on your WBT, build for RELEASE.