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  1. Jeremy B

    Uninstall app via ssh, command line

    As long as you know the UUID of your app, you can just run "rm -R /home/wbt/<APP_UUID>" as the wbt user. However, the client won't notice this change and the App's icon will stay in the App Manager until a reboot. This also assumes that your app is fully contained within that folder (i.e. It hasn't generated any files outside of it's installed folder). If not, I would suggest that you write an uninstall script and package it with your app. Then you could call it from the command line like, "/home/wbt/<APP_UUID>/uninstall.sh"
  2. Jeremy B

    Start at Boot

    As of now, the WBT API does not provided this functionality.
  3. Jeremy B

    Start at Boot

    It is not required for an app to have a service component to use the "Start at Boot" feature. A GUI component is enough.
  4. Jeremy B

    File manager crashes UI, bad recordings?

    That is the correct way to end a recording. A couple questions: 1. What version of the WBT Software are you using? 2. What are you naming your files? 3. Are you trying to use the file manager in the client or are you trying to instantiate your own file manager in the app? 4. Can you post a code snippet of how you are doing the recording in your app?
  5. Jeremy B

    Stream of home screen, sweeper stream

    There is no way to display user data to the Home Screen at this time. If you have a display you’d like when sweeping (or in general) right now, an app display is the preferred place for it. Thank you for your suggestion! We’ll absolutely record in our tracking system you’ve expressed an interest in this, and we prioritize roadmap items by customer and user feedback so knowing what you would find useful is very helpful to what we’re going to do down the road.
  6. The WBT should automatically update the app when a new version of the app is deployed to the WBT. The version number of an app is set with the "App_Version" variable in the top level .pro file of the app. The UUID also must not change or else the WBT will think you are trying to install a different app. The UUID of the app is set with the "App_UUID" variable in the top level .pro file of the app. If you want change the version of the app automatically every time that you build, you would need to add a build step within the Build Settings (found in the Projects tab of Qt Creator) of your app.
  7. Jeremy B

    WPK icon

    You have to add the icon file to the GUI Component project from within QT Creator. Use the "Add Existing Files..." option from the context menu in the Projects pane of QT Creator
  8. Jeremy B

    Setting Sample Rate Independent of Bandwidth

    With that beta release of the API, bandwidth and sample rate can be set by using the getTunerSettings() and updateTunerSettings. Bandwidth is changed by modifying the "_bandwidthHz" variable. Sample rate is changed by modifying the "_span" variable. WbtApi::WbtSystem wbtSystem; WbtCommon::Data::RadioSettings settings = wbtSystem.getTunerSettings(); settings._radioA._bandwidthHz = newBandwidth; //unit is Hz settings._radioB._span = newSampleRate; //unit is MHz (floating point) wbtSystem.updateTunerSettings(settings,true);
  9. Jeremy B

    Unable to Deploy Sample App

    Just to clarify, I need to know if the wpk is actually being sent over the network to the WBT. Please follow these steps and let me know the results. 1. ssh into your wbt as the 'wbt' user. 2. Make sure that the wpk is not in the home directory ("/home/wbt"). If it exists, please delete it. 3. Run the deploy step from the dev environment. 4. Check that the wpk is in the home directory. If after following these steps, the wpk is on the WBT, we can safely assume that the issue lies within the WBT and not the dev environment. In either case, it is obvious that there are issues with remote deployment with the version you are running and I suggest that instead, you use the USB method of deployment.
  10. Jeremy B

    Unable to Deploy Sample App

    This is most likely an issue with the wbt not being in your list of known hosts for ssh. As a workaround, follow these steps: 1. Open up a terminal and try to ssh into the wbt using the command 'ssh wbt@<WBT_IP>' replacing <WBT_IP> with the ip address of your wbt. 2. It should then prompt you asking if you want to add the host to your list of known hosts. Type 'yes' and hit enter. 3. It should then prompt you for your password. You don't need to actually log into the wbt. You can just hit Ctrl-C at this point to cancel the command. 4. Your wbt should be added to your list of known hosts. You should now be able to deploy the app from within QT Creator. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are working on a more permanent fix.