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Found 1 result

  1. I am writing an OOT GNURadio block that makes use of the osmocom sink/source project file modified for the WBT. I was reading last night like certain aspects of the API (raw high bandwidth qvrt streams) are only available in "WBT Service Apps". However, i am not developing apps using Service applications but directly inside the source code of the stream and source blocks. 1. I am allowed to access these high bandwidth streams from within gr-osmocom's (WBT) sink and sources? These are of course to be added in a WBT GRC GUI app (subproject), not in a service app. Is this going to cause an issue with access to the data i need (high BW raw IQ)? 2. What is the difference between the QVRT sink/source type and the WBT source type? These devices can be specified in gr-osmosdr - you can say "wbt=0" "wbt=1" "wbt=2" and i believe "qvrt=0".... Is the "wbt=0" sink/source direct IQ data from the radio and the QVRT one a file sink/source?