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Found 2 results

  1. I have a few questions regarding certain use-cases of reading data from a QVRT file: If I need to read a chunk of data in the middle of the file (for example from 10th second to 20th), there is the moveToTimeInSeconds method that will move the iterator to the starting position. But how do I know when to stop? Do I access the raw data with getCurrentPacketData and read the timestamp with help of the QVRT format spec? Or do I get it from getCurrentMetadataAsJSON - if so, what is the structure of returned JSON?How do I know how much data (IQ) packets does the file contain? Do I iterate over the whole file incrementing some counter when I see an IQ packet (VRT_IF_DATA)?How do I actually read the data? Is the following code snippet correct:WbtVRTFileReadIterator it("qvrtfile.qvrt"); it.moveToTimeInSeconds(5); while(!it.isEndOfStream()) { if(it.getCurrentPacketType() == 1) // VRT_IF_DATA { const int size = it.getCurrentSizeBytes(); float *data = new float[size]; it.getCurrentIQDataFloat(data, size); foobar(data, size); delete[] data; } ++it; }
  2. How do I read IQ Data while playing back a file? Do I use the QVRTReadIterator?