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Found 1 result

  1. Does this currently exist API for the WBT that will allow it to transmit directly from an IQ data stream? There is a way to playback a file that would technically be transmission, but is there a way to directly transmit from a stream? If not, the intended way of handling it would be to write a file (or series of files) to be played back by the WBT. The files would be short packets of IQ data and would be used to transmit IQ data from a GRC flowchart. Would the Transmit function of the WBT be too slow for this method to be feasible? There would be two files, one being read by the wbt and the other being written by (a GNURADIO-Companion flowchart>. At the end of reading the file being transmitted, the flowchart app would then clear the file, and write the next packet of data to be transmitted. The WBT would go to read the other file. It it essentially a buffer system, feed in the data on one end, read out on the other.