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Found 9 results

  1. Alexey

    Detect Record press

    The app has to perform a certain action when user presses "Record" button. How to detect when this button is clicked?
  2. Sinisa P

    _tunerOffset purpose

    What effect does the WbtCommon::Data::RfParameters::_tunerOffset API parameter has? OK, it probably offsets the tuner frequency. But how is that different then just changing the WbtCommon::Data::RfParameters::_centerFrequency for a tuner?
  3. I've noticed when recording with the WBT that when I'm trying to record a narrow signal (CW or low bandwidth) on the center of a tuner the playback quality seems worse. If I move off the center of my signal just 5 kHz I no longer see that problem. Larger signals (like 3.84 MHZ WCDMA) aren't showing any issue even when centered. What's going on?
  4. John User

    The WBT's Computer

    What computer is used in the WBT? How much processing power is left for me to create my app?
  5. How can a WBT App Developer determine number and type of radios in a particular WBT at run time of their application?
  6. How can I get the WBT's developer kit so I can begin creating my own apps?
  7. John User


    How often should I re-calibrate my WBT, and how do I do it?
  8. Which file system does the WBT use?
  9. Can the WBT be script driven? While recording, we may want the type of recording to change, for example things as simple as frequency shifts through time.