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Found 3 results

  1. question #1: What is the difference between Partial and Full sweeps (pertaining to WbtApi::WbtSweeper::setSweepPartiallCompletionCallback and WbtApi::WbtSweeper::setSweepCompletionCallback question #2: When would i want to use one versus the other?
  2. I am having problems debugging my applications WbtSweeper callbacks remotely in the development environment. I'm able to connect to the WBT remotely, WbtSweeper::sweepStart returns "Sweep_Success" and the target WBT indicates a sweep has started. I never receive callbacks from the sweep. When running the app on the WBT, the sweep callbacks execute correctly. The debug Application Output shows these lines continuously repeating: Looking for Partial.Sweep.Stats.Gen.Source.0 Could not find Partial.Sweep.Stats.Gen.Source.0 This is running API and FW Any gotchas I could potentially be missing? Cheers!
  3. Couple of questions regarding the usage of the WbtSweeper API, What determines the duration of a Partial Sweep? A Timeout? A buffer usage? A number of frequencies swept?Is there any API level control over this determination?How is the backing data store managed on a Partial Sweep callback? Is the sweep data removed from the buffer or will it persist to a Sweep Complete callback?The class description mentions a call to WbtSweeper::releaseOldestBuffer to free up space during a continuous sweep, but this does not appear to be exposed via the public API. Is this no longer necessary?Cheers