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RadioSettings::combineTuners changes span to 50


I need to play a file with CF different from the one file was recorded with. To do this for file recorded with Combined tuners, I take the radio settings from the file, call combineTuners() with new CF and then call updateTunerSettings() with new settings. In my understanding, the combineTuners() method should only change the CF of radios, but it also changes the spans and sets them to 25/25/50.

For example:

  1. Before - [A: CF=989.7, SP=22.8889; B: CF=1010.3, SP=22.8889; AB: CF=1000, SP=45.7778], after combineTuners(2000) - [A: CF=1987.5, SP=25; B: CF=2012.5, SP=25; AB: CF=2000, SP=50].
  2. Before - [A: CF=849.082, SP=42; B: CF=889.082, SP=42; AB: CF=869.082, SP=84], after combineTuners(1200) - [A: CF=1187.5, SP=25; B: CF=1212.5, SP=25; AB: CF=1200, SP=50].

Why does it happen and is there another way to play the file with different center frequency?

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Try setCenterFrequencyBandwidthAndSampleRate or setCenterFrequencyAndSpan with Radio_AB as the radio selection. This will set the span and center frequency and combine the tuners as desired.

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