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This forum is for asking and answering questions creating and programming apps for QRC's Wide Band Transcorder (WBT) product line.  It is in Question and Answer format, and allows anyone to post a question, and for multiple registered user may answer, from which the best response selected as well as up/down voting of the answers provided.  This is the best place to ask a question that you'd like to have answered. For discussion/opinion topics, please consider the WBT Discussion forum which is optimized for non Q&A content.  For use questions, the WBT general Q&A forum is a better choice.   

Please note that any code you share is publically available, and may be used by others.  If you need to share private information or code which is protected by IP, please contact QRC and a private company forum which is visible only by your company and QRC can be created for that purpose.  

QRC's API and SDK is covered by NDA, and as such you may only mention the API by reference on this site and are not free to include the source code from the API or development environment on this site.    

Anyone may post to this forum, although the content may be moderated depending on the poster’s privileges and groups.  Information in this forum can be viewed publically and indexed by search engines. 

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