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Jacob R

GRC - OOT Modules, cannot find module


I am creating an OOT block for GNURADIO-Companion using gr_modtool. The Process goes like this:


gr_modtool newmod <mod name>
gr_modtool add <block name>
add library paths to CMakeLists.txt in root of gr-<mod name> to include Wbt libraries
Edit the source file in /lib/<mod_block_impl.cc
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
gr_modtool makexml for new block
sudo ldconfig


When i install block using normal C++ libraries, everything runs smoothly and the flowchart in GRC open fine. 
When i install block using C++ and WBT libraries, everything compiles and installs fine, but when GRC opens i keep getting the following error:

Executing: "/home/wbtdev/Documents/top_block.py"

Using Volk machine: ssse3_64
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/wbtdev/Documents/top_block.py", line 130, in <module>
    tb = top_block()
  File "/home/wbtdev/Documents/top_block.py", line 96, in __init__
    self.gps22_latitude1_0 = gps22.latitude1()
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'latitude1' 


   Do i need to include things to the CMakeLists.txt file?



    The GRC blocks for the WBT have to be set up just right in order to load right. See the wbt_source block projects to add new blocks, they are in the project gr-wbt.

   You can add blocks to the module with gr_modtool add <module name> . Open the CMakeLists.txt file from the root directory of gr-wbt using QT-Creator and run Cmake. This is the process for adding new blocks. From there, the steps for creating an OOT block are the same- edit the source files in /lib and edit the GRC block XML file in /grc

   Build, then run make install && ldconfig in the build directory to install the blocks to GRC. You can alternately run QT creator as root and add make steps <make install> and <ldconfig> to build and install in one click from QT Creator. You will however, need to run "sudo chown -R wbtdev ~/.config" next time you run QT creator as a non-root user. 

   Anybody with questions can feel free to ask

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Question answer was in the edit by poster, thank you poster for adding the answer you determined.  I will be adding points to your reputation for this (and the other questions where you've done this!)

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