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Jacob R

Install app without 'wbtdeploy' or USB stick remotely


EDIT: I overlooked the folder i was looking for. For anybody who wants to install an app remotely WITHOUT the use of QT creator, using only the IP address of the WBT (external, interal) follow these steps:


1. Copy the *.wpk to the wbt
    - you can use the scp command http://www.hypexr.org/linux_scp_help.php
    example: scp /path/to/file/App.wpk userid@hostip:/path/to/dest/
2. Using an SSH connection (try putty for windows, try command line 'ssh -X host@ip' )    [-X is optional for X11 forwarding]
    connect to the wbt. Copy the *.wpk file into ~/wbt/appinstall/
3. Thats all! Connect using a VNC client to view the WBT screen directly OR you can run your app if you have X11 enabled


1: Properly forwarding port 22 to the host ip of the WBT will allow the user to deploy remotely. Forward port 5900 (default) for VNC

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Figured out the issue

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