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Jacob R

Tutorial section needed

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I think there should be a section were tutorials can be placed. I get there are a couple tutorials in the WBT VM Dev kit, but it is not sufficient. There are ton of things i am learning right now that could be documented so others don't have to go through the same issues i have run into.

I have posted questions where i answer my own question at times, telling people how to do a certain action or the same thing i did - i think it would be useful to have a section for both USER submitted as well as QRC submitted tutorials. 

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This is a good idea, we’re happy to provide a user community where tutorial type content beyond that which is included in the development kit by QRC can be easily posted or shared with others.  This is part of our goal for this forum system, which is still building user base as the WBT becomes adopted by more and more groups. 

A way to do this with what we have, would be to post whatever content you (or others) may think valuable to share in the discussion area of each product.  For example, in the WBT the discussion area is here: http://forum.qrctech.com/forum/22-wbt-discussion/.   This was what we had envisioned as a way for users to talk with out users in a Non-QA format, what do you think of using that. We’d certainly welcome any content you’d like to add to enrich that area and help your fellow WBT users.. 

Beyond that, if there’s specific tutorial items you’d suggest QRC create, we’d welcome your thoughts and get someone assigned to creating them as quickly as we’re able.


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