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WBT Sweeper (partial vs full)


question #1: What is the difference between Partial and Full sweeps (pertaining to WbtApi::WbtSweeper::setSweepPartiallCompletionCallback and WbtApi::WbtSweeper::setSweepCompletionCallback

question #2: When would i want to use one versus the other?


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Partial sweeps are parts of sweeps corresponding to different "tunings" of the sweeping tuner. These can go very quickly and are kept in memory on a best-effort basis.

Full sweeps contain the whole start to finish sweep performed with the given parameters. Data returned by this callback will remain allocated and untouched until the callback is cleared completely.

Full sweeps are preferred for situations where you want to deal with the whole of the sweep data and want to ensure that you get all of the data. Partial sweeps are for situations where you want to monitor progress of a potentially longer sweep, but dropping data would not cause any real harm.

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